David Schneider DDS’ Continuing Education Efforts Proves His Commitment To Dentistry

David Schneider DDS

With a professional background that spans a little more than two decades, it’s easy to see why so many people have trusted David Schneider DDS with their dental needs. During those years, Mr. Schneider accrued a track record that clearly proved that he was committed to broadening and strengthening his skill sets through night shifts, continuing education opportunities and research projects. Add to all this the fact that Mr. Schneider worked in two different dental offices before opening his own operation and it’s proven that his skills are second-to-none in the beautiful Whatcom County area of Washington state.

For David Schneider DDS, the road to opening Bayview Dental in Bellingham began with higher education. This Minnesota native graduated from both the University of Minnesota, with honors, and Concordia College. After school, Mr. Schneider in 1993 would take on a second job at a local dental lab in St. Paul, Minnesota. This overnight gig would give him valuable working experience and offer a behind-the-scenes view of the dental materials and techniques he’d go on to adopt at his personal office. His afterhours effort would later translate to working in two dental offices; one in his native state and another in Minnesota. In 2004, David Schneider DDS would decide to relocate and open his own office in Bellingham. This decision was a lifelong goal and one driven by his desire to operate a dental practice where individualized comprehensive care was the focus. One look at Bayview Dental and it’s clear that Mr. Schneider followed through on his goals of owning and operating a first-class office. This is accomplished with a family-friendly and conveniently-located office, wide variety of dental and oral health services and state-of-the-art technology that makes it all possible.

Driven by Mr. Schneider’s vision, those who come to Bayview benefit from the educational endeavors that this professional has committed himself to accomplishing. These include research projects on modern dental materials and the landmark achievement of being the sole student selected from University of Minnesota Dental School to present work at the National American Dental Association during his senior year. On top of that, Mr. Schneider has logged hundreds of hours in continuing education work that has greatly assisted his focus on cosmetic dentistry, periodontal disease and implant dentistry. For those living in Washington state who are also looking for a comprehensive office that can effectively treat your dental concerns, seek out Bayview and Mr. Schneider before settling on something sub-par.